Lazy, happy afternoon

Flat white coffeeUsually my everyday is full-scheduled and there is no time to feel lazy. This spring has been an exception, for most of us. We are forced to keep distance and stay at home.

Though pandemia itself is unfortunate, I have found some positive influences during this period. Time to be with my family. And with the ones I can´t meet, we have made a lot more efforts to keep in touch, than we ever would without isolation.

Yes, I miss singing on stages, I miss sitting face to face with friends. But now I find time for some important things instead. Simple things, – like making good food together, handcrafts, excercising (I have found my inspiration for jogging again!) or watching good movies together – have become possible when being at home. And yes, I have made a lot of new music, at home. There is time to get new ideas, when you don´t have to rush all the time!

My next song Lazy, happy afternoon is coming out on Saturday 16.5.2020. This melody was made before Covid-19. Jukka Kinnunen sent me his chords and I heard this happy, jamming melody in my head right away.

Lyrics to this song came all the way from Australia, where my sister-in-law lives. Her life is also filled with job, kids and studies. Maarit wrote about how to take some time together, about lazy happy afternoon.

All the recordings are made separately. Band includes Jukka Mäntylä (bass), Markku Kalliokoski (drums), Pekka Pitkämäki (piano) and Eeli Ovaska (clarinet). And of course Jukka Kinnunen (guitar). Thank you all for making this song.

Along with this song, let´s enjoy the postive things we have now. This lazyness is not forever.



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