When I was a little girl (as in the cover), I sometimes had nightmares. I was afraid of the dark and the best thing I knew, was to go to my big sisters room. She always read me the same book, Winnie the Pooh and the Windy Day. It made me laugh so I would forget all my sorrows. 

Sister was first a poem I dedicated to my sisters. I knew just what kind of melody I wanted for it, but I wasn´t able to make it myself. One day Jukka Kinnunen sent me this beautiful song that needed a melody and lyrics. And it all came together, at that very moment. The song was ready.

Sister releases on Tuesday 26. May.

I feel privileged to have two big sisters and I am a big sister for three siblings. I also have a friend, who is so close to me, I consider her as my sister too.They know both my good and worse sides and they still love me. They give me the uncompromising critic and comfort me when the others have left. And yes, we do dance together around the kitchen table, when life gets too grey. 

Sister is coming up on Tuesday 26. May, for it is a special day for my siblings. I hope there is someone you can think of when you hear this song. Maybe a sister, a sibling, a friend like a sister. Someone you can count on.


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